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Promote your radio club’s age and history by joining the Amateur Radio Club QSO Party on October 19 and 20 - (Posted: 10/14/2019)

Amateur radio operators in New Jersey and other parts of the US will participate in the 3rd annual Amateur Radio Club QSO Party that is scheduled to take place Saturday, Oct 19th 18:00 UTC through Sunday, Oct 20th 17:59 UTC.

Created and sponsored by the South Jersey Radio Association K2AA in 2016 to celebrate the club’s 100th anniversary, the event is now in its third year and encourages the activation of all club stations through the promotion of each radio club’s unique age and history.

Throughout the event you’ll hear amateur radio operators call CQ using their callsign, followed by a forward slash, age in years of their club, followed by the club acronym.  For example, you may hear CQ de K2AA / 103 + SJRA to signify K2AA calling CQ from a club that is 103 years old with an acronym of SJRA (South Jersey Radio Association).

The event, which may take place using any mode, most amateur bands, and may include repeaters, does encourage participants to ragchew about their club’s age and history, as well as encourage amateur operators to join one or more local clubs to enhance their enjoyment of the amateur radio hobby.

For more information and the complete list of rules for clubs wishing to compete in the event, please visit or contact

NEW: DVRA Weekly 2M Tech Net - (Posted: 09/24/2019)

October 2nd monthly meeting to feature ‘Amateur Radio Trivia’ hosted by the DVRA - (Posted: 09/24/2019)

Note: New meeting place due to construction renovations at Our Lady of Good Council Church, and date changed to accommodate Yom Kippur on October 9th.

On Wednesday, October 2nd 2019, the Delaware Valley Radio Association monthly meeting will feature an Amateur Radio Trivia Event. Test your skills and enjoy a fun, fact filled evening of all things Amateur Radio, including some interesting facts about the history of the DVRA.

Open to both members and non-members. Feel free to join for all or part of the meeting.

  • Combined Directors/Business Meeting from 6:30 to 7:00 PM
  • Social/refreshment period from 7:00 to 7:30 PM
  • Featured presentation at 7:30 PM

Click for driving directions to our meeting space — Incarnation – St. James Church, 1545 Pennington Rd, Ewing Township, NJ 08618 (basement)

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Cape Cod ARES and SKYWARN Provide Support in Rare Cape Cod Tornado Event - As posted on ARRL website 8/2/2019 - (Posted: 08/05/2019)

Cape Cod, Massachusetts, ARES, and SKYWARN Amateur Radio volunteers were promptly pressed into action as a storm system on July 23 produced severe thunderstorms that spawned three tornadoes over the Cape. Hurricane-force wind also resulted in significant tree and utility wire damage across Cape Cod, with particularly hard-hit communities including Hyannis, Yarmouth, and Chatham. Some pockets of wind damage also occurred in the northwest corner of Martha’s Vineyard.

Amateur Radio SKYWARN spotters were the first to provide critical ground truth information regarding the significant wind damage and tornadoes across Cape Cod. Under the direction of Cape Cod District Emergency Coordinator Frank O’Laughlin, WQ1O, and Eastern Massachusetts Section Emergency Coordinator Rob Macedo, KD1CY, a SKYWARN net ran for several hour on a Barnstable, Massachusetts, VHF repeater. Numerous damage reports were received during the net and for a couple hours after the storm had passed.

At that point, Amateur Radio operations shifted to an ARES net supporting communications between a shelter at the Dennis-Yarmouth School and the Barnstable County Emergency Operations Center, which serves as the Multiagency Coordination Center (MACC).

“Dozens of reports of trees and wires down and some structural damage reports were received during the SKYWARN net, and Amateur Radio operators supported initial damage assessment in the hardest hit areas and provided photos and videos that were shared via social media and other outlets,” Macedo said. “This provided critical situational awareness and disaster intelligence information to the National Weather Service (NWS), state emergency management, and local media outlets, and helped to diagnose the areas for NWS meteorologists to survey to determine whether a tornado or straight-line wind damage occurred.”

ARES support for the Dennis-Yarmouth shelter as well as Amateur Radio operations at the Barnstable County MACC continued around the clock, with six radio amateurs engaged in shelter and EOC communications over the course of about 2 days. The severe weather knocked out power for some 53,000 customers on Cape Cod, and it took utilities several days to repair the damage and restore service. 

“Traffic that was handled was on the logistics of taking care of people who stayed in the shelter until power restoration efforts were near completion,” O’Laughlin explained.

A NWS-Norton survey team consisting of several meteorologists surveyed the damage and confirmed three tornadoes on Cape Cod in addition to destructive straight-line winds. The three tornadoes hit in West Yarmouth, Yarmouth, and Harwich. Since tornado records have been kept, starting in 1950, only three tornadoes were recorded on Cape Cod up until last year, highlighting the rarity of the July 23 weather event. — Thanks to Rob Macedo, KD1CY 

ARRL Field Day 2019 Attracts Nearly 3,100 Entries (as posted on ARRL website 7/24/2019) - (Posted: 07/25/2019)

The 30-day deadline to submit ARRL Field Day entries via app upload and (timely postmarked) USPS mail is now past, and the ARRL Contest Branch reports 3,070 entries have been logged into the system. Last year saw 2,903 entries. ARRL Radiosport and Field Services Manager Bart Jahnke, W9JJ, said the total does not include entries postmarked by July 23 and still in transit. A number of entries still show a status of “PENDING.” These include 280 incomplete entries that are missing the required list of call signs by band/mode (also known as a “Dupe Sheet”), or a Cabrillo file.

“This requirement is to ensure that claimed contact totals do not include duplicate contacts on the same band and mode,” Jahnke said. “These entries, if not complete, may end up as check logs in the final listings.”

An additional 191 entries are missing something other than Dupe Sheets. “These entries are complete,” Jahnke explained. “Their scores at present are not benefitting from certain bonuses, for which documentation is still outstanding,” he said. “Confirmation for entries submitted online using the web app include a link to update your entry. If ARRL generated the entry from paper, or if you are unable to update your entry, submit pending documentation via email, and the Contest Branch will update your entry, assuming that documentation/photos confirm the bonus points claimed.”

Updates are permitted until August 23. After that, all entries as of that moment will be considered final. Results will appear in the December 2019 issue of QST. Jahnke encouraged groups to separately submit photos with captions for possible inclusion in QST. Individuals should be identified by names and call signs, and any subject younger than 18 years old will require a signed publication release. Photos should have a minimum resolution of 250 kB.

Amateur Radio Being Showcased at 2019 EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, WIsconsin (as posted on the ARRL web page 7/22/19) - (Posted: 07/22/2019)

ARRL member-volunteers will be part of the excitement as the 2019 International Experimental Aircraft Association annual AirVenture show gets under way this week in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. The show runs from July 22 until July 29. This year marks the 50th anniversary of EAA AirVenture, which drew more than 600,000 visitors and 10,000 aircraft last year. The ARRL exhibit highlights radio communications, encouraging pilots and aviation enthusiasts to discover the many facets of Amateur Radio and to expand their interest in technology. ARRL Product Development Manager Bob Inderbitzen, NQ1R, organized the booth (#2152 in Hangar B) and all-volunteer team.

“This is a great opportunity to show off Amateur Radio at such a large-scale event,” Inderbitzen said. “There’s a kindship among the aviation and Amateur Radio communities. In addition to introducing newcomers to ham radio, we met over 600 ham-pilots at last year’s AirVenture.” (See “Growing Amateur Radio, One Pilot at a Time,” January 2019, QST, pp. 77 – 80.)

Icom America and EAA Warbirds of America have organized special event station W9W, which will be on the air all week from AirVenture. Look for W9W on 40 through 10 meters and on VHF and UHF. The station will be set up against the backdrop of the display of historic and vintage ex-military aircraft.

Members of the Fox Cities Amateur Radio Club (FCARC) are operating W9ZL from the nearby Pioneer Airport. The station is located within KidVenture, which is filled with activities for children and youth attending AirVenture. (See the ARRL Special Events database for further details about W9ZL and W9W.)

Tying in with the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, EAA AirVenture will host Apollo 11 crew member Michael Collins on Friday, July 26, as the event’s featured guest. Joining Collins during the evening program at Theater in the Woods will be Apollo Program astronaut Joe Engle.