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College of NJ Hosts 45th Annual Original Personal Computer Festival - (Posted: 02/27/2020)

Mar 11th DVRA monthly meeting features an amateur radio swap meet - (Posted: 02/26/2020)

WEST TRENTON, NJ – February 25, 2020

On Wednesday, March 11th 2020, the Delaware Valley Radio Association monthly meeting will feature a swap meet hosted by the Executive Committee.

Open to the public. Feel free to join for all or part of the meeting.

  • Combined Directors/Business Meeting from 6:30 to 7:00 PM
  • Swap Meet and social/refreshments from 7:00 to 8:30 PM

Click for driving directions to our meeting space — Incarnation – St. James Church, 1545 Pennington Rd, Ewing Township, NJ 08618 (basement)

The Delaware Valley Radio Association is one of the nation’s oldest radio clubs, having been founded in 1930, and is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization devoted to the promotion and preservation of the amateur radio hobby.

 For more information and directions, please visit

EC-016 Classroom Version Now Being Offered - Burlington County - (Posted: 02/14/2020)

The Southern New Jersey Section has scheduled the offering of the “Public Service Emergency Management for Radio Amateur” (EC-016) for three sessions on March 24, March 31, and April 7 2020 at the Burlington County Emergency Services Training Center, 53 Academy Drive, Westampton, NJ 08060 in Classroom 4.  The course format will focus on interact discussions on the same content as the online version, relating it to practical experiences. The course will include the entire pool of final assessment test questions.  However, will not include final assessment that must be taken online after all required documents are sent to ARRL headquarter.

Attendees should have completed EC-001 at any time. EC-016 is the only ARRL course required for ARES-level 3 leadership positions. While the FEMA Professional Development Series courses including IS-120c, IS-230d, IS-235c, IS-240b, IS-241b, IS-242b, IS-244b, and IS-288a are required before taking the EC-016 final assessment. SNJ instructional team will arrange for Section Manager approval for individuals on completion of the course that is also necessary for taking the final assessment.

If you are interested in attending the Public Service Emergency Management for Radio Amateur” (EC-016) course classroom version, please notify Tom Devine, by March 10th, 2020.

On registration a participant guide in PDF format and suggested readings for each class session will be provided.

All questions should be directed to

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